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Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary
Vermont State
12 months ending June 2018
Description:  Teach or instruct vocational or occupational subjects at the postsecondary level (but at less than the baccalaureate) to students who have graduated or left high school. Includes correspondence school instructors; industrial, commercial, and government training instructors; and adult education teachers and instructors who prepare persons to operate industrial machinery and equipment and transportation and communications equipment. Teaching may take place in public or private schools whose primary business is education or in a school associated with an organization whose primary business is other than education.   (soc 25-1194)
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Jobseekers Count % of 
Total Served - Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary 2 100.0
Female 2 100.0
Male --
Age 14-19 --
Age 20-24 --
Age 25-34 --
Age 35-44 --
Age 45-54 2 100.0
Age 55-75 --
   Family Status
Parent - one parent family --
Parent - two parent family --
Other family member --
Family of One --
Head of Household --
Not available 2 100.0
   Education Status
In School
    Middle or High school --
    Post Secondary school --
total 0 0.0
Not In School
    High School or higher graduate 2 100.0
    Not a High School Graduate --
total 2 100.0
   Highest School Grade Completed
No grade completed --
Grade 1-12, but no diploma --
High School graduate or equivalent 2 100.0
1-3 yrs College or Technical school --
Bachelor's degree or equivalent --
Education beyond Bachelor's degree --
White 2 100.0
African American --
American Indian and Alaskan Native --
Asian --
Hawaiian Native and Other Pacific Islander --
Two or more races --
Hispanic --
Receiving Unemployment --
     during the 3 weeks ending 07/01/18
Veteran --
Jobs Listed
Total - Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary 301
   Duration of Job
Temporary -
Permanent 287
Information N/A 14
Minimum hourly wage $28.00
Maximum hourly wage $28.00
Average hourly wage $28.00
Jobs with an hourly wage 1
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