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  • Description:
    Engages in the practice of tattooing, body piercing, or permanent cosmetics. Tattooing places a permanent mark, design, or coloration on a person by a process of pricking or ingraining an indelible pigment on or in the skin. Body piercing is the piercing of any part of the body by someone other than a licensed physician who utilizes a needle or other instrument for the purpose of inserting an object into the body for nonmedical purposes. Permanent cosmetics places a specific type of tattoo that includes permanent eyeliner, permanent lip color, permanent eyebrows, anatomical reproduction, and permanent eye shadow as well as other specific procedures. Tattooing does not mean anatomical reproduction to restore the appearance of a portion of a person's body after surgery, accident, or other trauma when performed under the direction of a physician.


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  • Occupations that may require this license:


  • Licenses:
    YearNumber of Licenses
    2016 127
    2014 128
    2012 128
    2011 90
    2010 71
    2009 148
    2008 132

last update: September 2017
 State of Vermont Department of Labor